The Hunt pt 1: Athena’s God Blog

I sat on the corner of my large oak desk in my York office and looked at the three whiteboards across from me. Ever since the Titans escaped Tarturus, there have been more questions than answers. We have all been doing our part to apprehend those responsible and put the escapees back where they belong.... Continue Reading →

A Fight to Remember: Athena’s God Blog

We had spent most of the day corresponding with Coeus through Jackson’s phone. We were stalling while we planned. Coeus, as the Titan of Intellect, was very smart and very strong. He started to get impatient and wanted updates on what we were planning. If we stalled much longer, he would get suspicious. The sun... Continue Reading →

Missing Parts Pt 1: Athena’s God Blog

The sound of the phone ringing pierced the darkness, interrupting my sleep. I laid there for a moment in my soft, overstuffed, and extremely comfortable bed, contemplating rolling over and ignoring it. I could just let the sleep suck me in and ignore the world. I deserved it, right?  The phone continued to ring. With... Continue Reading →

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