The Real Devil

I am sure that you have all heard the stories about me. The fallen angel who led the rebellion against his father. The evil tempter who is fluent in lies and deception. The one who led Eve to temptation and damned all of humanity. The ruler of hell and father of all demons. The stories are only half right. I’m here to set the story straight. I am the King of Hell and I’m damn proud of it. No matter what my dear old dad thinks, I am happy where I am. He may have the heavens, he can keep them. I am the ruler of the dark, of sins and all the fun that comes with them. For centuries I have played among the humans, tempting them with the things that heaven does not allow. I get to have all the fun while the other side remains boring. They can keep the sticks that are lodged firmly in place. I prefer the freedom that only I can allow. I delight in the darkness. Come and join me, won’t you? Let’s walk on the dark side together and I will show you all the things that the light can’t. Learn to live uninhibited and free. I am Lucifer, The Light Bringer, Morningstar and I’m here to change the world. But first a little storytime. You have to understand the past, to fully embrace our future. So sit back and enjoy the show.

You see it all started long before humanity was ever created. Dear old dad wanted children, so he breathed life into what you call his angels. There were some of us that were held in higher regard. We were the Angels that had a specific purpose. Call us his favourite children. I was one of the original Archangels. We were God’s favourite sons and daughters. I am sure you will meet some of my siblings as well. The ones that didn’t fall from grace. Most of them are happy doing dear old dad’s bidding. But I digress, we were the favourite sons and daughters. All of us had our own specific duties and held a high rank above the other angels. Mine was the light bringer, the morning star.  I was content for a time, but being good became boring. I wanted more. Of course, I was not the only one. Some of my brothers and sisters felt the same. We were tired of being ruled and held to such regulations. So I lead one small rebellion. So what? I was cast out eternally from my home for it, but I’m not bitter. I found my new home in hell. A place where I am the one and only King. I make the rules and get to do as I please. And those who followed me? They are with me still. They became the original demons. Now we have a kingdom of our own that is full of those who Dad did not deem worthy to be in his kingdom. I welcome those sinners with open arms. Sure they get an eternity of torture, its a small price to pay for such liberties. Those who are especially bad are offered a seat at my table. They get the privilege of becoming demons themselves and are able to tempt and torment both the living and the dead.  What more could they ask for?

When dad created the first humans, we were curious. You may have heard of Adam and Eve. But you have been told wrong. The firsts were Adam and Lilith. However both being created equally, Lilith refused to submit. She had a wild and stubborn streak in her. She rebelled much as I did. She even shacked up with one of my siblings after she left the Garden. She didn’t go far enough though and Dad had one of our siblings find her and curse her to have all of her children die. Lilith did have two children before she was found but it enraged dear Lilith, understandably so. She decided to join me then in my quest to make dad pay. 

After Lilith, Dad created Eve. She was a good girl and did as she was told. Until the day she got her and Adam both kicked out of the Garden too. I am sure that you have heard the story. I am also sure that you have heard of the snake that tempted her to do it. I am the one portrayed as doing it. However, as much as I would love to take credit for that particular event, I was otherwise engaged in other matters. That was all dear Lilith’s doing. Honestly, I was impressed at how she snuck back into the garden, disguised herself as a snake and tricked poor naive Eve into it, and all without Dad knowing. It’s one of the things that drew me to Lilith and made her so attractive. Oh, the fun she and I had, and the sex was more than you could possibly imagine. Ah, the good old days. Of course, when you have two fires that burn as brightly as ours, we were often too hot to stay together. I still made her my Queen. She rules Hell with me and can come and go as she pleases. I only hope that I am able to reunite and have some more of that fun that I miss. As much as I love my place, I am ready for new adventures, new stories and some new fun. Join me and we will have so much fun along the way. Let me tempt you, entice you and bring you to the dark side. The place where the things that are not spoken of play. Let’s have some fun. I feel a sin coming on, or rather all the sins.

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