So I know I’m going to pass some people off by saying this but I’m going to anyway.. The Covid 19 pandemic is not a hoax, political ploy or any other conspiracy. Its a pandemic and is effecting people worldwide. Very, and I mean VERY few places don’t have any cases.. Its serious. Yes social distancing is necessary.  Maybe you are blessed with a bulletproof immune system or just dumb and think “it isn’t real” or “it won’t happen to me”. For those people I say get over yourself, there are those of us who are taking this serious and would very much like to stay healthy and safe. Its irritating when someone says they think they had the cover 19 virus last oct-dec… uuummmm how many people died? Because this pandemic has killed 44,234 and counting in the US alone and 174,336 and counting in the world ! No huge death toll means that it probably wasn’t this virus. For those who are desperate and need help, ask for help, reach out to local community aid and churches. If you start looting and stealing and come to my house, I promise that you will not need anything more than a coroner and a body bag after. I will defend my family and home with everything I have and I probably have more than you so don’t be a dumbass. Lastly I know that the social distancing and all the stut downs are hard and are impacting so many people. My heart goes out to you. This is a terrible situation that many of our generations have never seen before. Just keep faith that we will all get through it. However refusing to follow the guidelines and rules set in place, mass protesting and flocking to stores, id not the answer. Its just making things worse. Stop buying all the toilet paper and cleaning stuff, and for those buying it all up and selling it for unreasonable costs, shame on you. I sincerely hope that all your teeth fallout and you still have a toothache the rest of your life. For everyone else, please stay safe and stay home. Being broke is hard on you and your family but you know whats worse? Being dead. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless.

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