Bedtime troubles, tantrums and getting everyone to sleep.

Bedtime, the dreaded time of day for any parent. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or ten children, chances are you have had your shares of bedtime woes. Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra drink of water or another trip to the bathroom to pee. However, it is not always that simple. Sometimes the thought of bedtime can send your little one into full blown hysterics or a tantrum to end all tantrums.

In addition to dealing with the bedtime issues, chances are you have also met one of the “perfect super parents” who have the perfect routine and perfect children. They have the quiet time, the lavender bath, scented essential oils, story time and kids in bed by the same time EVERY night without any fuss or fighting. Their kids ALWAYS sleep in their own beds, ALWAYS sleep the whole night through and Always wake bright eyes and happy and at 9am and bring them breakfast in bed and even have cleaned the house for them.

While this sounds amazing, I have found most of this to be a whole load of poo fabricated to parent-shame the struggling moms. YES, parent-shaming/ mom-shaming is a REAL thing. There are individuals out there that will pretend to have everything together and will take absolutely every chance they get to not only show that there are “better” parents than you but also point out all your shortcomings and fails in life.

Do not give in and listen to these people. If you are honestly doing the best that you can, then your best (whatever that may look like) IS ENOUGH! Of course, this is if your best includes taking care of your children and always having their safety, health and security in mind. I am in no way condoning the parents that do not provide for their children, or put their children’s safety and well-being at risk. I have met parents like that and their best is nowhere near good enough. But if you are truly trying, then ignore the naysayers and shammers . Your children love you and are thankful for your efforts.

So back to my original point. Our parental bedtime woes. There are a lot of parents, myself included, that have a love/hate relationship with bedtime. We look forward to bedtime and the promise of a quiet house after the little ones as fast asleep in their beds (hopefully they are in their beds, we often have one or more camping out in our bed). However, we hate the chaos that often ensues during our attempts to get said children into bed and fast asleep.

Every night is a new adventure and you never quite know what to expect. It seems that almost no two nights are the same. Some nights run as smooth as silk, others are like sandpaper. Sometimes the shenanigans are something new and other times it’s something that even you did as a child. Regardless, you put on a brave face and do your best to tame the savage beasts and lull them into a peaceful sleep. Don’t let it drive you crazy. Try and laugh it off and remember that this too shall pass. One day these days will be long gone and you will long for the days of just one more hug mommy, read me one more story mommy and just one more kiss. Enjoy it while you can and try not to stress out about it. If that don’t get a bath every night, it’s okay. If they don’t get to bed exactly on time, that’s fine too. Tomorrow is a new day. So what if everything doesn’t get done and your kids pajamas don’t match or perhaps they refused to put on pajamas at all and are asleep in the same clothes they wore that day (we have all been there, don’t deny it) but that’s okay too. Life is too short to stress out over the small tings.

Enjoy your life and the joyful chaos of being a parent.



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