A New Day

Greetings everyone! I am sorry for my absence. I have been dealing with health issues. Starting today I will start posting regularly. I hope that you have a amazing day. Love Always, Rainbow

The Real Devil

I delight in the darkness. Come and join me, won’t you? Let’s walk on the dark side together and I will show you all the things that the light can’t. Learn to live uninhibited and free.


When someone says the Covid-19 isn't real, is just a conspiracy and we have only had a handful of deaths. Here is some education. This is NOT the flu. It is effecting everyone worldwide, not everything is about you! And I'd say 50,000+ in the US and 200,000+WORLDWIDE is more than a handful of people.... Continue Reading →

Some truth for you!

So I have a great morning thought for everyone. In these crazy and uncertain times, we have to use our common sense and maturity. We have to stop getting so offended by everything and blowing everything out of proportion. Most of a ll we have to stop taking everything so personally and reacting violently every... Continue Reading →


So I know I'm going to pass some people off by saying this but I'm going to anyway.. The Covid 19 pandemic is not a hoax, political ploy or any other conspiracy. Its a pandemic and is effecting people worldwide. Very, and I mean VERY few places don't have any cases.. Its serious. Yes social... Continue Reading →

The Hunt pt 1: Athena’s God Blog

I sat on the corner of my large oak desk in my York office and looked at the three whiteboards across from me. Ever since the Titans escaped Tarturus, there have been more questions than answers. We have all been doing our part to apprehend those responsible and put the escapees back where they belong.... Continue Reading →

A Fight to Remember: Athena’s God Blog

We had spent most of the day corresponding with Coeus through Jackson’s phone. We were stalling while we planned. Coeus, as the Titan of Intellect, was very smart and very strong. He started to get impatient and wanted updates on what we were planning. If we stalled much longer, he would get suspicious. The sun... Continue Reading →

Missing Parts Pt 1: Athena’s God Blog

The sound of the phone ringing pierced the darkness, interrupting my sleep. I laid there for a moment in my soft, overstuffed, and extremely comfortable bed, contemplating rolling over and ignoring it. I could just let the sleep suck me in and ignore the world. I deserved it, right?  The phone continued to ring. With... Continue Reading →

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